Teaching Sites

LutherCare Communities

LutherCare CommunityLutherCare Communities (LCC) is a facility for seniors operated by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. Participants are offered opportunity to work in a facility which offers housing for approximately 400 seniors from those who are independent to those requiring specialized care. The CPE program at LutherCare Communities is affiliated with the Lutheran Theological Seminary.



St. Paul’s Hospital

St. Pauls Hospital St. Paul’s is an acute care teaching facility offering a comprehensive range of services to residents of Saskatoon and northern Saskatchewan. Inspired by the example of Sr. Marguerite d’Youville, St. Paul’s continues a tradition of Catholic health care by sharing in a call to reveal the goodness and love of the Creator God for all people. Spiritual Care Education is one of the specialized health care services St. Paul’s contributes to Saskatoon Regional Health. The CPE program at St. Paul’s Hospital is affiliated with St. Andrew’s College.



Swan Valley Community CPE

 The Swan River Valley District is located in west central Manitoba, Canada. The area consists of the Town of Swan River (pop 4,000) which services 18 surrounding smaller First Nation, Caucasian and Metis Communities. Opportunities for clinical placement include the 55 bed Swan Valley Health Centre, three Long Term Care Facilities, community health services such as Mental Health and Palliative Care as well as community agencies such as the Canadian Mental Health Association store front office. The Swan Valley program is affiliated with the Lutheran Theological Seminary.